After that prohibit, Reginald turned into an unpaid and you may started initially to discount the fresh Decks out-of their competitors shortly after he overcome her or him

After that prohibit, Reginald turned into an unpaid and you may started initially to discount the fresh Decks out-of their competitors shortly after he overcome her or him

It is known from the most pupils inside Heartland Academy you to Reginald wasn’t merely a talented Duelist, in addition to a beneficial bully. [1] He received new moniker “Shark”, because the guy used an ocean-styled Platform and because the guy ripped their opponents’ Decks out of their hand fast and with malice. Despite Shark’s tips, Yuma Tsukumo defended him, when he thinks that everybody has done some thing within past which they be sorry for. [19]

Pre-Industry Duel Festival [ modify ]

Shark outdone opponents during the their college or university, taking the Decks after they shed. Immediately following defeating Bronk Stone, the guy met Yuma Tsukumo, just who tried to safeguard Bronk. Whenever questioned exactly what his important thing is actually, Yuma informed your it had been their chandelier. Shark ripped the pendent of his neck and you may threw it out. Shark confronted your so you can a match, that have each other Yuma’s and you can Bronk’s Decks at risk. Yuma approved. [1]

They Dueled in town square, having Shark rapidly gaining a plus with “Large Oral cavity” and “Aqua Spray”. The guy cornered Yuma, however the new “Numbers” was in fact put out about door. Shark is had from the “Amount 17: Leviathan Dragon”, that he continued in order to Xyz Summon. [1] Since Duel evolved, Shark migliore app incontri latini began to toy that have Yuma, bringing their Lifestyle Activities down seriously to a small fraction. not, Yuma been able to emerge from it with the help of Astral, and you may was able to overcome Shark together with his “Count 39: Utopia” within 5000 ATK, which knocked Shark away. When Shark awoke, he provided Yuma Bronk’s Deck, remaining his hope. Shark asserted that Yuma was diverse from individuals that he provides confronted ahead of and you can moved away from instead of another word (about dub, Shark claims “You have got a place right until next, Yuma”). [17]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL [ change ]

A while following Duel, terminology regarding Shark’s beat pass on doing college and his character decrease. At some point, he averted going to college and also have prevent Dueling, and you may is taken in because of the a gang led by the Scorch and you can Chills, exactly who hung out at the a discontinued arcade. One-night, Shark is actually operating on the his bicycle, and you will avoided after seeing Yuma, watching your just before operating off. [42] 1 day, while Yuma was later to college, Shark drove round the a path towards the his cycle and you can nearly struck Yuma. Immediately following Yuma is belittled by their family just who believe that his wins over Shark and you may Flip have been even though regarding his “Numbers”, the guy chose to see Shark and challenge him so you’re able to a rematch, without needing the help of Astral or his Numbers. When Scorch and you will Chills nearly harm Yuma and his awesome friends, however, Shark told these to stop by stating he knows her or him. Adopting the gang help Yuma go, the guy challenged Shark, the guy refused to Duel just like the his prior loss to help you Yuma caused your to stop Dueling. Yuma proceeded in order to pursue Shark and you will irritate your of the requesting a great Duel up until the guy recognized, Yuma choice Emperor’s Trick toward result. Yuma did not use their “Numbers” and you will Shark told your to accomplish this, trusting an earn more Yuma in place of “Numbers” would-be worthless. Yuma Summoned “Utopia”, and therefore Shark weak that have “Friller Shark”. So it assist “Black colored Ray Lancer” negate its outcomes and you will destroy it, and that happy Astral. Shark claimed that have an immediate assault out of “Submersible Service provider Aeo Shark”. Shark got the newest Emperor’s Secret, however, put it on the floor as he went off after he contemplate exactly what Yuma told you in the getting nearest and dearest. Just before operating aside, Shark informed Yuma one Scorch and you will Chills brings him a location so you can fall in and you may told him not bother him once again. [13]

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