Fecundity analysis done in reference to shell proportions presented self-confident correlations (Fig

Fecundity analysis done in reference to shell proportions presented self-confident correlations (Fig

6). Fecundity was significantly higher |$(P = 0.001) \ $| in ovigerous females occupying heavier shells |$( <\rm>\gt 3.0 \ <\rm>)$|? . Significant differences |$(P \lt 0.05)$| were registered in fecundity of ovigerous females of different sizes. The number of eggs produced by ovigerous females measuring more than 3.1-mm SL was higher |$(P = 0.001)$| than the fecundity of those females measuring 1.8- to 3.0-mm SL. In relation to the shell species, the fecundity of the ovigerous females in L. nassa and P. auritula shells (the larger ones) was not significantly different, nor was that of the ovigerous females occupying C. atratum and M. nodulosa shells. However, the number of eggs produced by the ovigerous females inhabiting P. auritula shells was significant higher |$(P = 0.001)$| than the fecundity of those in C. atratum and M. nodulosa.

When it comes to the size of people, new fecundity out-of ovigerous females from equivalent brands (3.0- so you can 4.5-mm SL) occupying L. nassa and P. auritula shells wasn’t rather other |$(P = 0.228)$|? , due to the fact fecundity out of ovigerous lady calculating 2.0- to 3.0-mm SL inhabiting C. atratum is significantly greater than that people of your own same dimensions in M. nodulosa shells.


The fresh new P. tortugae populace studies shown a leading and you may continuing reproductive pastime to the Anchieta Island. This new fecundity recorded try homogeneous throughout the year, while the low variability inserted try perhaps related to investment community (shells) and you can variations in creature proportions. Overall, P. tortugae fecundity, eggs diameter, and you will egg frequency exhibited a tendency to increase which have growing SL.

It is informed me by existence duration away from P

The bimodality sizes-regularity shipment (full and you can monthly) based in the ovigerous females’ inhabitants is uncommon and might echo recruitment pulses or behavioral differences ( Diaz and you can Conde, 1989). tortugae that takes place during cuddli a period of 2 years, that have obvious continuity within the private development. The next level in proportions-volume shipment regarding the huge proportions groups corresponded to help you a powerful recruitment of people on second season from life, and therefore belonged with the basic height in dimensions-frequency distribution in the last season, and stuff like that ( Mantelatto and you will Sousa, in drive).

Based on the shorter sized ovigerous women captured (step 1.8 mm out of SL), we feel you to definitely intimate maturity might occur prior to about life course out of P. tortugae in this field. According to Lancaster (1990), the current presence of small ovigerous females often means the fresh type off the newest species so you can local cover accessibility generally whenever sufficient shells is actually unavailable. Wada mais aussi al. (1995) boosted the theory from precocious reproductive advancement whenever adequate shells is actually scarce.

Regardless of the troubles among the Pagurus, Paguristes, while the “Pylopagurus-like” kinds (get a hold of inclusion), a comparative studies out-of fecundity was conducted. The brand new fecundity filed to own P. tortugae toward Anchieta Area is actually less than you to claimed to other diogenid hermit crabs (for a review, look for Table I for the Mantelatto and you may Garcia, 1999), as well as that it kinds examined of the Negreiros-Fransozo mais aussi al. (1992). This fact tends to be linked to the fresh interspecific race on read urban area, in which P. tortugae interacts along with other hermit types ( Mantelatto and you will Garcia, 2001). Additionally, we possibly may assume that the low fecundity of the types occurred since the a function of the lower measurements of P. tortugae girls compared to almost every other diogenids cited, and in regards to the population read by the Negreiros-Fransozo mais aussi al. (1992).

A difference into the level of egg try seen from inside the same dimensions category, probably indicating a system from numerous spawning during the exact same reproductive season ( Ameyaw-Akumfi, 1975; Fotheringham, 1976; Varadara, 1982; Mantelatto and you can Fransozo, 1997; Mantelatto and you may Garcia, 1999). It variation into the fecundity of the proportions group was influenced often of the what amount of spawns in the same reproductive duration otherwise by ineffective cover occupancy. The low fecundity noticed in some people occurs since the a features of your visibility regarding very young ovigerous female presumed as spawning for the first time. According to Somerton and you may Meyers (1983), these primiparous female create a reduced amount of egg than simply multiparous of them. The new bimodality off people construction supporting so it hypothesis.

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