He says to the girl not to meddle inside the dating when he knows she’s got verbal so you’re able to Sheng Nan

He says to the girl not to meddle inside the dating when he knows she’s got verbal so you’re able to Sheng Nan

Lu Jin disagrees together with mother about Sheng Nan. Lu Jin plus tells this lady mother he does not want so you’re able to be a keen emotionless operating server regardless of if love might possibly be their weakness within his team field.

Zi Qian renders an email to have Grandfather Gu so you can apologize to have being unable to care for Sheng Nan. The guy and produces so you can Sheng Nan to let the woman be aware that they are heading overseas to advance their knowledge. Lu Jin visits Parent Gu but is made to disperse the new seats throughout the place to and fro to test his patience. The guy as well as actually assists aside Sheng Nan from the this lady grandfather’s eatery as well as clean and you will helping customers.

Dad Gu hears out of Lu Jin’s an excellent decisions on the products appears proprietor, Sibling Wang. He then renders Lu Jin keep a wok having one hand whenever Lu Jin falls from the to visit him.

Episode 19

Lu Jin actually starts to end up being worn out carrying the brand new wok. Daddy Gu go just wants Lu Jin knowing the tough really works he had completed to bring Sheng Nan upwards. He understands Lu Jin provides extensive duties and you can challenges however, the guy dreams Lu Jin knows how to harmony between their requirements and you can love. Lu Jin guarantees Daddy Gu which he would not hurt Sheng Nan.

Meng has hotpot in the Zhao Di’s domestic. She starts to see and you can takes a liking having him. They fall into sleep however, Zhao Di is actually resistant against the thought of shedding crazy about Meng. As well, Meng deal their vehicles buying a proposal band to own Zhao Di.

Lu Jin provides Sheng Nan to help you a left behind strengthening that’s as torn-down to possess reconstructing. He has got decorated a wall with a cooking motif for just the lady to help you cheer the lady up. Then they possess a playful go out splashing they which have color and you will sharing kisses. When shopping with her, Sheng Nan sees a married relationship outfit regarding boutique and you will impulsively tries they towards the when you are Lu Jin is found on the device. The guy will not understand how to work whenever she sees the lady.


Sheng Nan asks Gao Quan An’s advice and that’s worried that the woman is named forcing Lu Jin regarding the relationships. Lu Jin following chooses to declare Sheng Nan given that his fiancee throughout a features. Sheng Nan is actually amazed because it’s Gao Quan An which features provided their indeed there. Ms. Zheng is not delighted and asks getting an exclusive keyword that have Lu Jin. Sheng Nan bumps into the Lu Zheng and she learns one he or she is Lu Jin’s half-brother for example Ming Ting is actually as well as Lu Jin’s father.

Lu Zheng refers to Sheng Nan the fresh pressures Lu Jin had encountered due to the fact a child. Ms. Zheng is actually rigid which have Lu Jin together with usually need him to execute. Lu Zheng doesn’t want going off you to definitely road and you will prefers a great carefree lifetime.

Ming Ting requires Lu Jin to not ever target their enterprises. However, Lu Jin are reminded of how his dad got abandoned him along with his mother. Hence, he could be adamant towards the obtaining their businesses. Sheng Nan tells Lu Jin to give the woman Lu Zheng’s contact since she will get together well that have Lu Zheng. Lu Jin isn’t pleased with their behavior and personal connection with Lu Zheng. He wants their to look at his updates since the their fiancee.

Sheng Nan attempts to brighten him right up acquainted with some dumb antics. But the guy finds they unpleasant. Fundamentally, he carries their to sleep and you can alerts the lady from what the guy is going to do if she connectivity Lu Zheng once again.

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