Next, he called the girl their Goddess [8] and you can worshiped the woman [5]

Next, he called the girl their Goddess [8] and you can worshiped the woman [5]

Gaius knew Rheya prior to now, as he try brand new soldier one to carried out Queen Kaelisus’ orders before she turned the original. To him, Rheya was which can be his everything once the the guy treasured her and you will would want this lady before day he passes away [5] . Although Xenocrates started initially to question the lady along with her aim, Gaius don’t question this lady [6] . After this lady petrification, Gaius continued this lady works up until their incapacitation regarding the 1920s, telling his supporters on the her [6] along with her fame, omitting the fresh area about their demise and you may that has “killed” their.

In-book step 3, Section 5, immediately after Gaius was actually petrified, Rheya expresses the woman despair at the Gaius’ actions in-book 2 and you can says the guy turned into the item the guy hated very: a beast. not, within the Section 8, immediately after the girl genuine objectives is actually started, she reveals that all the the woman concern are incorrect and this she never ever in fact cared on the Gaius, seeing your while the a ridiculous man which yearns becoming loved of the someone and “asking becoming busted”. Rheya frees him regarding his petrification and you will regulates him, and you may delivers him to help you destroy your loved ones. For the fight, you experience their view to see one to beneath their love for Rheya, Gaius as well as dislikes and you can concerns this lady.

Immediately after she came back due to the fact Earliest Vampire and you can Xenocrates sworn themselves to help you their, Gaius accompanied fit and you will turned into the next Guy

After you diving into the Gaius’s brain psychically, you discover one to Rheya by herself is one which became Gaius towards the a beast [4] . After just what Rheya perceived as Demetrius and you will Iola’s fatalities, Rheya ordered Gaius so you can raze a fishing town that provided shelter to your rebels one to slain her family relations. She told you they must be generated an example, once the an important compromise in their efforts to manufacture a scene in which vampires of the underworld you will definitely are now living in freedom. Gaius rejected, believing that the innocent villagers and their youngsters did not have earned so you’re able to be punished with the sins of its elders. Rheya told your one no person is actually innocent and this in the near future they might make an effort to exterminate the newest vampires. When Gaius went on in order to refute, she registered his mind psychically and stored their empathy and you may decency, and you will molded his viewpoint and personality, flipping him for the this lady individual enforcer and puppet. When you reduce exactly what Rheya had rooted in his mind’s eye and you can totally free Gaius out of the woman manage, Gaius realizes that Rheya never adored him and you will observes your as throw away. The guy after that proposes to show just how to kill Rheya for a great.

The Reputation

In book 2, Section 1, you may have a dream regarding a historical forehead, good hemorrhaging tree, and you may Rheya talking. You’re not sure what it form, but when College student Jameson simply leaves good tapestry fragment on how to get in his place, you really have an eyesight of the past and determine this lady are exiled. When you look at the Part cuatro, if you decide to grab the fragment, you may have a plans from the girl back into the fresh new throne room out-of ancient Mydiea with her the powers.

In-book step 3, whenever Rheya productivity, you’ve got the choice to faith the girl or not. Regardless if friends slip on their hips subservience, you can trust their intuition and you will doubts otherwise belong line. If you decide to spend time having Rheya, you find glimpses regarding their earlier including the lady child. not, when you look at the Section 8, you can see Rheya’s true purposes after you enter this lady bedroom and view the brand new humans she massacred. You then become their strength emanate as the everybody seems unaware to it or in a beneficial daze. When she discovers that you can overcome the woman head control, she becomes more interested in your however, sales your friends in order to eliminate you. Because of the instinct, your psychically blast their and you will break their hang on your friends.

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