She states the like often fix the child, because Chowder angrily claims “There is no like between united states!

She states the like often fix the child, because Chowder angrily claims “There is no like between united states!

Chowder – He’s a pet/bear/rabbit creature one likes to consume a lot. He hates Panini because she constantly attempts to flirt that have him.

Burple Nurple Stand

Panini seems initially, where she opens an effective pudding stay and you can chowder tries to capture you to definitely. Panini claims that he could only get one, except if the guy uses good “boyfirend discount”. Chowder simply shopping you to definitely which have money instead, incase he eats they, good rainbow that have mouth area flys away from their mouth area and you can kissed Panini into the cheek. Chowder informs Panini that he did not do that deliberately.

Chowder’s Spouse

This is basically the basic episode Panini appears within the. She matches Chowder on Gazpacho’s grocery remain, and is immediately keen on him. Being a child, Chowder believes this woman is “icky” and you can tries their better to abstain from their. Their head tactic should be to usually scream “I am not saying your boyfriend!” during the Panini, who would maybe not pay attention. Immediately following Chowder put-on a tv series for her, and then he sung brand new tune, “I’m not Your boyfriend”, once the Chowder don’t like her, Panini cuddli pÅ™ihlásit still hugged and kissed him to your cheek after the phase blew right up. Gazpacho and Chowder misinterpreted it hug given that a kiss away from relationships, thus Chowder gets a meal so you’re able to “conserve Panini’s reputaion”. The guy arrives at the lady home (Endive’s home), while offering to keep the lady matrimony. Believe it or not, Panini denies and says to Chowder he has become too clingy and that they will likely just be family unit members. Later/most other symptoms offer a unique story.

Grubble Gum

When Panini becomes run-over by icon grubble nicotine gum ball, she says, “Hi Chowder..”. Chowder retorts of the claiming, “I am not saying the man you’re dating!”.

A taste regarding Marzipan

Whenever Chowder and you may Panini was each other creeping available for Mung and you may Endive, they fulfill at the rear of a great dumpster. Panini after that says “Ya see, it’s brand of close, all of us at the rear of brand new dumpster. With her!”. She following moves on the Chowder and initiate sluggish dancing with him. Chowder attempts to shout to have let and the majority of some body begin viewing them; stating that just what the dancing is sweet.

A faire to keep in mind

Chowder became family unit members having a lady entitled Marmalade, and come up with Panini incredibly envious. Very on the episode, playing with some other plans, she attempts to rating Chowder straight back. After the latest event, Panini realizes that Chowder and you may Marmalade are merely family members and Panini offers Chowder out-of on the sunset.

The brand new Bruised Bluenana

Panini spies towards Chowder initially, and fishes your up with a catch once the guy become talking so you can Gazpacho. She tries to hug your, and you may during that shot, Chowder operates and you can accidents on a crate from bluenanas. He procedures all-around them, bruising them. Panini uses this new bluenana given that a justification discover closer to Chowder. “

Regarding event, Panini and you will Chowder (whether or not pressed) try to be mom and dad of the bruised bluenana “baby”. Near the avoid, Gazpacho pretends are the newest bluenana’s mother, and you can Panini will not call it quits the newest bluenana. She becomes a black cat creature that have claws and you will ruins Gazpacho. From this skirmish, Panini affect affects this new bluenana much more. The genuine mom of your bluenana seems, and you may takes away the new bluenana and you may runs out of. Given that she operates away from, she tells Panini just how ashamed she will likely be. Chowder next notices which once the a chance to eventually try to escape away from her. The guy tries to quote Panini goodbye, only for this lady first off sobbing. Feeling bad for the woman, Chowder rapidly hugs her, and you may runs out of. Panini is immediately pleased and you may cheerful once more.

Shortly after Chowder works of, Panini says to your “We knew they! You are doing love me personally!”. Chowder replies having “I’m not the man you’re seeing!”. She replies that have “Music on my ears. “. Event shuts.

Blocked On the Remain

Contained in this episode, Chowder and you will Mung get banned out of Gazpacho’s fresh fruit remain while the Mung got a disagreement/dispute which have him throughout the floss fruit. In order to get specific, Chowder and you can Mung used Panini while the “center child”. Panini manage just work when they all of the consented you to Chowder treks Panini right house holding give. Gazpacho notices prior Chowder and you can Mung’s package, and you may bans Panini. Getting furious, Panini still wants to get her side of the bargain. She do, however, only because she had been forceful.

Hi, Hello It’s Knishmas!

Contained in this event, Panini do some tries to kiss Chowder that have mistletoe. She also Gorgonzola facilitate Chowder make Mung delighted when you eat the new smingerbread domestic from the disguise. Eventually since a thank you, Chowder kisses Panini towards cheek.

Chowder Matures

Chowder notices how lousy the country was in the place of your growing with other people of Marzipan area. Panini try heartbroken as she remains awaiting your day she reaches get married Chowder (into the twenty years the brand new crew was raised although the woman like for your never faltered). At the conclusion of it finally event, Chowder in the end matures, marries Panini, and has now fifty infants. It for the first time make an effort to kiss into the lips to own younger Chowder to cease the fresh new kiss.

When you look at the a beneficial bumper, the new Puppet Chowder told you repeatly so you can Puppet Panini “I am not saying the man you’re seeing” whenever you are she interrupts your and you can claims “You are my personal date.”

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