The newest Chateau Diaries or any other chateau streams

The newest Chateau Diaries or any other chateau streams

He or she is perhaps one of the most desperate some body I have seen into the yt. Desperate for magnificence, wanting to get noticed. It’s very pathetic to see men his ages trying therefore hard to get some thing he will have-not.

Thus I have been binging which route (New Chateau Diaries) in the pandemic and really enjoyed how “magical” all of it looked to start with, but. I don’t know, the greater number of I check out, the newest weirder a lot of the posts seems to myself. I cannot assist but getting one thing are “off” for some reason, specifically recently with them drawing-in more individuals.

And because I can not discover any hearsay with the proprietor Stephanie or anybody else, I thought i’d initiate a thread here to find out if some body knows alot more or really wants to chat about which whole “chateau Diy” pattern happening right now. Exactly why are truth be told there so many Brits buying French chateaux anyhow?! Seems thus haphazard in my experience!

Re: New Chateau Diaries or other chateau streams

1. She states she generally was super broke before their route got out-of, however, i always select the girl journey to deluxe cities, this lady has an apartment for the London (regardless if she advertised she marketed they to use the money to shop for this new chateau when she is 29?!), their mothers seem to have started well-off (several domiciles globally), she is the owner of developer stuff, etcetera. etcetera.

dos. Thereon exact same mention: how come she mostly appear to implement “volunteers” and you can barely pays anyone a genuine salary? These people really works their asses out-of and she purchases designer cashmere crap and you can Dior clothing. I just find that exploitative.

3 hookupdate. Others see it weird that this lady ex boyfriend-boyfriends continue hovering doing their and you can purchased toward chateau? I inquire the way the spouses/girlfriends of these guys become being required to reside in an equivalent chateau because the ex boyfriend?

cuatro. What is the tale along with her “brother”? He’s got a family group but just “ily? What about their actual mothers? Pay attention, nothing out of my business, but it just weirds me aside how they polish over their genuine nearest and dearest – they are perhaps not a keen orphan, at all.

six. I feel that there surely is a fanatical need regarding everyone during the the newest chateau is “positive” and present their lifetime because this perfect mythic, but certainly I am unable to function as the only 1 to feel some understated stress anywhere between specific somebody, age.grams. Stephanie along with her mommy? Stephanie will humor when this lady mother is close to vicious to the girl and wants to inform you this lady in the a non-perfect way, and it merely appears awkward.

There was more about my head, however, I’m only planning to find out if individuals is also curious messaging about this, hahaha. I really like many of those shown with the channel, but just getting there’s way more on the facts than we see. Possibly I am simply pessimistic because the screw?

Re: The brand new Chateau Diaries or other chateau streams

So this is a video from 1 of one’s volunteers throughout the exactly how a routine day functioning within chateau ends up. Many people throughout the comments rightfully pointing out which turns out a nearly impossible full-go out employment. She has to spend this lady team, period. It cook, clean, carry big content all day and you will frequently rarely rating day out-of. It was in addition to while in the a detrimental heat-wave with temperatures going around 38 values celsius no Air-con.

As well as, interested just how immediately after I already been so it bond she did an effective videos on the conflict from the chateau, nearly echoing everything i published here towards act regarding a good “mythic”. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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